Solventless Lamination Machine

Solventless Lamination Machine

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We are dealing in optimum quality Solventless Lamination Machine, which performs its obvious function of solvent-based lamination at a moderate and good speed. Fabricated with the materials such as film, polyester, foil, BOPP etc this machine comes with color touch screens and periodic adhesive devices. Using various symmetrical coating systems to make multi-layered laminates with solvent less adhesives, this machine is enclosed with standard drying tunnels for attaining the efficiency in drying. The dosing pumps and electric heating of this Solventless Lamination Machine assists in the fluency and speed of operation. Long working life, low maintenance charge and accessibility in different configurations are some of its unique attributes.


  • AC & servo motors, hot air generators, idiosyncratic foundation base, turrets with auto joints, transfer trolleys etc are provided for safe and easy operation.

  • Come with the system of ultrasonic web guides, individual exhausts are integrated at both ends.

  • Detached coating facilities, separate web courses & motors are given for solvent base.

  • Well-informed drying chambers with marginal drying room length, pneumatic lifts for dryers, walkway provision for web threading of solvent base.